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Design verification can be the most important aspect of the product development process. It is the part of the process where we ensure that our designs conform with the system requirements, specifications, and any identified regulations as well as meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

Whilst the detail around the approach to product development can differ within organisations, the basic structure is consistent: you build prototypes of the design, through multiple cycles, to focus in on the final, market ready product. The four fundamental methods of verification that we use are inspection, demonstration, test, and analysis, each verifies the requirements of a product or system with increasing rigour.

Jaltek can help you deliver a fully tested design using a robust cost efficient development process that will guarantee life cycle and enhance the manufacturing performance of your product.

Jalteks’ Design Verification team minimises the number of development cycles required reducing overall development costs and timelines:

  • Circuit Simulation – Analogue & Digital
  • Signal Integrity Analysis – Pre & Post Layout
  • Power Integrity Analysis – Pre & Post Layout
  • Crosstalk Analysis – Post Layout
  • Thermal Analysis – Pre & Post Layout
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