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Technologies can fall into many different categories, the trick is to ensure you keep ahead, or at least up with it. With well over a 100 years of combined experience Jalteks’ R&D teams have everything covered, for you.

PCB Technologies

  • Single-Sided
  • Double-Sided
  • Doubler-Sided Plated Thru hole
  • Multi-layer (up-to 28 layers)
  • Micro-Via Multi-layer (up-to 16 layers)
  • Flexible
  • Aluminium Backed
  • Flex-Rigid
  • Combinations of the above

Component Technologies

  • Chip-on-Board (COB)
  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Plated Thru Hole (PTH)
  • Buried Resistors & Capacitors

Via Technologies

  • Plated Thru hole (Conventional)
  • Blind Via
  • Buried Via
  • Micro-Via (uVia)
  • Stacked Micro-Via
  • Staggered Micro-Via

Material Technologies

PCB Materials classification according to reinforced materials (most common):

  • Paper board – FR-1, FR-2 (Phenolic Cotton Paper), FR-3 (cotton paper and epoxy)
  • Epoxy Glass Cloth – FR-4 (Woven Glass and Epoxy), FR-5 (Woven Glass and Epoxy)
  • Composite board – CEM-1 (Cotton Paper and Epoxy), CEM-3 (Non-woven Glass and Epoxy)
  • HDI board (RCC – Resin Coated Copper)
  • Special board (metal board, ceramic board, etc

PCB Materials classification according to types of resin:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Polyester resin
  • PI resin (polyimide)

PCB Base Material classification according to flame retardant properties:

  • Flame retardant (UL94-VO, UL94-V1)
  • Non-flame retardant (UL94-HB level)

Material for the base of a Printed Circuit Board is selected based on PCB design and application. Not every PCB Material is suitable for all applications.

Circuit technologies

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • High Speed (HS)
  • High Current (HI)
  • High Voltage (HV)
  • High Power (HP)
  • Radio Frequency (R.F.)
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Impedance Controlled

Whatever your challenges are, Jalteks’ R&D team are equipped to solve them with you.

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